Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Gift... from Arthas?

It's funny really. That an Elixer called Gift of Arthas can grant a benefit to Death Knights. More specifically a Death Strike tank. Like me!

I came across this rumor the other day that this elixer may or may not count as a Disease where Death Knight abilities are concerned. Well, as it turns out, appearently it only counts for some. The one that matters most to me obviously is Death Strike, so I took it upon myself to test this out.

I have to say a deep thanks to the great priestess that helped me acquire the potion, as I am not an alchemist and they are not really sold on the auction house on our server, this couldn't have been accomplished without her help.

And so... onto the show! Below is a picture of a typical Death Strike critical for me. This is under normal circumstances without any buffs other than Horn of Winter.

And this one is of a Critical Strike with the debuff from the Gift of Arthas.

So, as you can see the Gift of Arthas works incredibly well for Death Strike synergy. Not bad for a Guardian Elixer eh? Score one more point for the Death Strike Tank!!!

This just in...

I was looking over the data from my recount and appearently this elixer also affects my Heart Strikes! I was an increase of approximately 100+ damage on average from additional fights.

The first one is with the Gift of Arthas Elixer, the second without. I ran this test a couple of times just to make sure and what you see are the best results.

This, for me at least, is an absolutely amazing discovery!

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  1. That's awesome! A guardian elix that helps a Dk. In the words of Richard: " Rejoice! For very bad things are going to happen!".